Starting the formation of the volunteer corps for National Championships of DeafSkills 2020 in Russia

On April 25-26, the National DeafSkills Professional championships for Deaf and Hard of hearing young people under 35 age will be held at the Crocus-Expo exhibition complex in the Moscow region.

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President of the DeafSkills International Association, Mr. Stanislav Ivanov, for the first time attended the European Union of the Deaf

Bucharest, Romania - President of the DeafSkills International Association, Mr. Stanislav Ivanov, for the first time attended the European Union of the Deaf (EUD) which was held in Bucharest, Romania from May 16-18, 2019. 

During EUD seminar, Mr. Ivanov, highlighted the importance to EUD members and other official representatives: 

  • how to develop of competencies using different approaches in the European Union countries 
  • how DeafSkills can make a significant contribution to raise awareness of working professions and specialist 
  • how significant competence for economic growth in EU as well as other counties. 

Throughout two working days, Mr. Stanislav Inanov along with Ms. Lidia Frolova, Vice-President of DeafSkills, and Mr. Slava Klimov, Coordinator of International relations and Media, interacted with other EUD members and answered their questions and concerns. 

DeafSkills is looking forward to the fruitful cooperation with EUD in the future. 

 We would like to thank the EUD board member and Romanian Society for the Deaf for their hospitality throughout the day.  

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The Professions for the upcoming DeafSkills Championship are selected

Last week we organized a meeting of the working group of DeafSkills Championship-2020, which is supported by UN grant. The members of the working group discussed and selected the list of professions most relevant for the labor market and the most popular for the deaf people. 

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Congratulations to Colin Allen!

June 11 2018

Congratulations to Colin Allen! President of the DeafSkills International Association Stanislav Ivanov is proud to have cooperation and friendship with such incredible person!

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Welcome DeafSkills UK!

June 1 2018

Welcome DeafSkills UK! Happy Birthday our new regional office! :)

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DSIA at Baykal International Forum of Inclusive Education

May 31 2018

At Baykal International Forum of Inclusive Education DeafSkills established contacts with the most famous universities of France, Portugal and Italy, where reside the great experts of special education for disabled. Thank you, colleagues!

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DeafSkills at Baykal lake

May 31 2018

DeafSkills presentation on Baykal lake!

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President DeafSkills Stanislav Ivanov in the Belarussian Ministry of Education

May 28 2018

President DeafSkills Stanislav Ivanov visited Ministry of Education of the Belarus.

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The first Belarussian national DeafSkills championship

May 26 2018

The first national DeafSkills championship was held in Minsk, Belarus. So far, only two professions – technology of fashion and web design, but what amazing results. Look at these young deaf people – they have opened fantastic prospects. And thousands of people at the grand opening greeted young professionals in sign language.

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DeafSkills is now a member of Rehabilitation International

May 26 2018

DeafSkills is a new member of the multifarious family of the famous international organization Rehabilitation International. In four years RI will be a hundred years old, and today it unites more than 100 countries. We took part in an important and interesting event – a strategic meeting of the board of directors in Chinese Hangzhou. Now the heads of the DS will work in the commissions on education and employment. RI President promised that work on a solution to the problems of deaf people around the world will be one of the strategic lines of work of RI.

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Happy Birthday Stanislav Ivanov!

May 19 2018

Today we wish Happy Birthday to the most important person in the movement DeafSkills – our President Stanislav Ivanov (Станислав Иванов). We are very much proud of our leader. Have a great day, Stan!

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We are happy to welcome the first Belarus DeafSkills championship

April 7 2018

This is a very important event in the life of deaf professionals. March 26, 2018 in the city of Orsha, on the grounds of the tailors factory of the deaf, passed the qualifying DeafSkills championship. The winners will take part in the national DeafSkills championship, which will be held in May in the framework of the national WorldSkills championship. Congratulations to the members of the Belarusian Association and the Personal Representative of Belarus to the DS, member of the Managing Board Svetlana Haneyeva (Светлана Ганеева).

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DeafSkills in Armenia 

President DeafSkills Stanislav Ivanov and the Minister of Labor and Social Affairs of Armenia Artem Asatryan signed a memorandum on the accession of the Republic of Armenia to the DeafSkills movement.

Negotiations were held with the Ministry of Sport of Armenia on holding the First World Youth Games of the Deaf in 2019. 

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H3 about DeafSkills


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DeafSkills: go first!

What is that – DeafSkills?

That is professional skills competitions for the Deaf. There are common Abilympics contests that have already existed and in which disabled people of all categories have been participated. But, nevertheless, such an international movement as Abilympics involves too little Deaf. In Russia, Deaf participate in Abilympics contests more intensively than Deaf of other countries in their ones. Many Deaf abroad haven’t even heard about Abilympics.

Due to reverse this trend, the stand-alone organization of DeafSkills was established.

In December 2015, Moscow hosted the representatives of four countries – Belarus, Moldova, Armenia, Russia. President of the World Federation of the Deaf Colin Allen also arrived there. They all participated in the foundation conference for the new DeafSkills organization.

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