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WFD Webinar – "The Journey towards inclusive Employment”

In celebration of the 70th anniversary of the organization's founding, the WFD is hosting monthly webinars covering a variety of important topics in the field of ensuring the rights of deaf people. The webinars aim to raise awareness and provide some guidance to National Associations of the Deaf, governments, various stakeholders, and the general public about the challenges that Deaf people face in participating in all walks of life in national sign languages ​​and in exercising their rights.

The WFD discusses with a variety of experts from around the world how best to overcome these barriers, including sharing some best practices from both governments and civil society organizations and other key stakeholders around the world. The topics of the webinars touch on important aspects - inclusive education, interpretation into sign language, gender relations in the world of the deaf and employment.

One of the webinars took place on Thursday 24 June 2021 under the theme "The Path to Inclusive Employment!" and was devoted to the difficult problem of employment. One of the panellists (speakers) was the President of DeafSkills, Stanislav Ivanov, who outlined the scope of work carried out by the DeafSkills organization on employment and employment promotion for deaf people through various initiatives.

As participants in the discussion, in addition to the President of the WFD Joseph Murray, authoritative experts in the field of inclusive education and employment were also invited, such as Ashura Michael (a member of the WFD and the International Disability Alliance), Alexandre Bloxs (an employee of the WFD for human rights), Stefan Trömel (a senior Disability Specialist at the International Labor Organization) and Honorary Member of the Kenyan Parliament, Dennitah Gati.