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  • Belorussian Society of the Deaf, Republic Belarus
  • Armenian Deaf Society, Armenia
  • Association of the Deaf of Republic Moldova
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Any organization may be adopted as an DSIA member, provided that it supports the purpose of the DS and meets the following requirements:

  • The goals and activities of the organization must not conflict with the objectives of DS;
  • The organization must accept and abide by the Constitution of the DSIA.

During the DeafSkills championships, the organizers must seek support of the state and related organizations, as well as the cooperation of international organizations, including the UN and the International Labour Organization.

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International Association for Professional Skill Competitions for the Deaf People.

DeafSkills movement unite champions, experts and sponsors in projects and initiatives aimed at improving the quality of life, economic and professional development of the deaf in the world.

DeafSkills is not just a system of championships but an multi-stage work of the expert community to establish a system of early career guidance, new learning technologies, efficient system of employment of the deaf.

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